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There’s so much I could say, but instead I am going to get right to the point.

We have sold the Two Cats house. We are here, but we are currently renters.

I would have told you sooner, but…it all happened so fast.

We met with a broker and told him we were beginning to think about possibly selling. About a week later, we had an Open House on a Sunday. The next day, we had three offers on the house–two of them above asking price.

We accepted the offer that came with a personal letter from the potential buyers. They were renting a small apartment downtown, had a baby, and they loved our house. They had even read our (this) blog. As they wandered through during that open house, they looked down at a heating grate, and suddenly realized–they were in the Two Cats house.

We met them on Wednesday at the closing. They are a lovely couple. Like us, they lived in New York before moving to Portland. I think they’ll be very happy here.

As for us, we are moving on to a bigger house… with a yard. Now that we have two children, who are both extremely mobile, we just want more space. We are not leaving Portland. We’ve moving about two miles inland as the crow flies to a family-centered neighborhood at the edge of Evergreen Cemetery.

We are really going to miss the East End. We have lived here for almost 5 years. I will miss hearing the foghorns on misty nights. (I hope we can still hear them in Deering Center.) We will miss Rosemont, and the Hilltop Coffee Shop, and the Prom, and “our” playground, as Sadie calls it. I’ll miss the 4th of July and being able to walk to the beach. And boy oh boy will me miss this house. This house is our family. We built this house from blood, sweat and tears. It’s hard to extract our family from this house.

But, we are still a family, wherever we go. These four walls, as much as we love them, don’t make a family. The four of us do. And our new house is going to be lovely and so much more in tune with our needs. We close next Wednesday.

As for the blog, well, as it turns out, the woman buying the house is a writer. Maybe she will want to continue the 2cats blog?

For our part, we have some remodeling to do at our new house. We will most likely begin a new blog for that house, too.

Stay tuned…

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