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Our Biggest Fan.


Well it took a couple of days and some monkey-like rafter swinging but we got our ceiling fan installed in the bedroom. And just in time for the hot weather! Sadie smiles and says “fayun!” whenever she looks up and sees it.

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Last night was our first night in Casa dos Gatos! We felt like we were sleeping under the stars in our new bedroom, with its vaulted ceiling and former attic windows letting in ambient street- and starlight.

Sadie had some trouble settling down to sleep, but that was probably because she doesn’t yet have a bedroom door. We also didn’t have any heat last night, so she wore her warmest flannel pjs and snuggled under three blankets. Not to worry though–Nick got the furnace up and burning this morning.

I finished painting Sadie’s room the day before we moved in. Using Benjamin Moore’s low-VOC paint in “Robin’s Nest,” we got Sadie’s little nest ready just in time, with no lingering odors at all.


Sadie's room--bye bye Miami Vice, hello Robin's Nest

We can’t shower yet, but the bathtub is plenty big! Sadie and I both took a bath together this morning.

We’re still working on arranging the kitchen and dining room. CIMG0466CIMG0468

Overall, the experience of finally being in our new house was somewhat surreal, somewhat disorienting, but mostly…well, magical.

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This house project is really stressing me out, so much so that I went in for my first acupuncture session today. I must say, I left feeling very relaxed. Let’s hope that carries through the week.

Last Friday (Day 89) left us with the framing for our downstairs half-bath and pantry, right off the kitchen. It was really exciting to see this completed, as it really gives you a sense of what the kitchen/pantry will feel like.

Future half bath and pantry area

Future half bath and pantry area

Sorry for the camera-phone photos. They’re not as sharp as I’d like them to be.

The other major framing was done in our room (also as of last Friday, Day 89.) Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication between Ben and the carpenter, the wall frame was built all the way up to the trusses, instead of only going as high as the opposite wall. We’re going to have a bit of an open loft feel in the house, in that the master bedroom will have a wall that does not reach all the way up to the cathedral ceiling, but rather ends at about 7 feet tall. We figure that will allow more heat and light to circulate, keeping the house more comfortable. It may also mean slightly less privacy, but hey, we’re a family–who needs privacy? (kidding!) And anyway, I don’t think we’d find much of it in this tiny house anyway….

Too high bedroom wall framing

Too high bedroom wall framing

I’m sorry if this isn’t clear. I’m too tired to make more sense of it, but maybe Nick will clarify for you, or take some better pictures tomorrow. I’m off to watch the latest Project Runway episode before passing out.

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