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This morning we had two painters and our carpenter at the house. The painters are here to tackle the high cathedral ceiling. It will be nice not to look at drywall mud anymore.

Not sure if you can see the color samples below that I painted on our kitchen wall. There are three squares of white paint, from left to right, Atrium White, Dove White, and Decorator’s White, all by Benjamin Moore. We decided to use Atrium White for our walls (a warm white with pinkish undertones) and Decorator’s for the ceiling. I’d read that many standard white ceiling paints can tend to have a grayish cast to them. Since the cathedral ceiling is such a major element of the upstairs architecture, I wanted to be sure it was a clean white, so we went with Decorator’s. Though initially we planned on using it on the walls as well, we found it to be a little too cool as a wall paint.

I think the painters are having a hard time painting around all our stuff. But we’ll be happy with whatever they can get done today–I think it would be really hard for us to get up on ladders to reach those tall ceilings and walls.

In other news, our carpenter stepped on a rusty nail on the deck, where he is cutting wood for the trim. The nail went right through his shoe and about two inches deep into his foot.  Apparently he is allergic to tetanus shots, and therefore has not had one. Nick found the hydrogen peroxide and had him wash out the wound. Though he was debating whether or not to have it looked at, we insisted he go to Brighton First Care for an evaluation. Puncture wounds are not to be trifled with!

Luckily, Ben, our contractor, has workman’s comp insurance. I guess that’s just one more reason to hire a general contractor.

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Inspiration: Rustic Girls

Ok, so there are no photos here, but this description of how to make your own limewash has me chomping at the bit to get into the living room and start painting that ceiling!

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Inspiration: Limewashing

As you know, we have these open rafters in our living room that we plan on painting white, to brighten up the room and make the ceiling seem higher. I learned about limewash and ever since have been obsessed with figuring out how to apply it to our ceiling rafters, rather than plain old latex paint.

Limewash is an all-natural, low-VOC finish made by dissolving slaked lime in water. When you paint it on a surface, it dries into a coating made up of calcite crystals that supposedly glimmer with reflected light. I can’t imagine a better finish for our ceiling. I’m having a hard time finding directions on making my own limewash, however, and there’s some warning about making sure you use the right kind of lime, because the wrong kind can be toxic.

According to this post on Treehugger, Domino’s website had directions for how to make and use limewash. Sadly, with the demise of Domino (my favorite magazine ever, besides Sassy) the website and the directions for limewash are now gone.

If anyone has any experience with limewashing, I’d love to hear about it.

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