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We’re still straggling along here at Two Cats. Last Sunday, while Nick was working, my mom came over and forced me to helped me straighten up the living room. This took all of about 15 minutes while Sadie was napping. We put all her toys away in bins, vacuumed the rug and upholstery, and moved various dribs and drabs to their proper places, most of which were not in the living room. As my mom said, we needed one sanctuary, a room that was “done” and where we could sit down and just really relax. When Nick came home that night, he was visibly relieved at seeing that one place of calm in our little house, and I felt it, too.

Well, that calm sanctuary lasted all of about 3 days. On Nick’s next day off a few days later, he emptied a bunch of boxes, the contents of which ended up strewn all over the living room. He also installed more door knobs, light switches, caulked the trim under the front door, and sprayed some expanding foam in the gaps around our basement windows. Somehow, setting up house isn’t that easy when you are also still fixing the house. And finishing the house.

As for finishing, we decided we couldn’t wait until every wall and piece of trim was painted to fully unpack and set things up. So two nights ago, we assembled our Ikea bookcase in the office, and last night we emptied out the boxes that had been sitting in piles for the last 7 weeks and finally filled up the shelves. It’s nice to feel some breathing room in that part of the house again, but the room is a long way from being finished. At some point we’ll have to take all those books down again so that we can move the bookshelf and paint the wall and trim behind it. But we’ll get to that…

We are hosting Christmas dinner at our house on Friday, which just means that my mom will be coming over to spend the day with our little family. I think it’ s a perfect way to christen the house. We bought a little tabletop tree that we’ll put out on the deck when the season is over, and we’re putting some lights up in the window, and that’s about all the decorating I can muster this year. Here’s to hoping that by next year I’ll be a lot more organized and it will begin to look a lot more like Christmas in Casa dos Gatos.*

*A note on Two Cats:  A few weeks ago Wiley ran out of the house when the door was open. We haven’t seen him since. We miss him terribly, but we’re comforted knowing that he lives up to his name and truly has the ability to get by on his wits and wile. We have faith that he has found a home somewhere that better suits his wandering spirit and his wiley ways. His spirit will always live on at Two Cats, and in Sadie, who calls every cat she sees Wiley (including Thumbs).

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