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Day 103: PMS

Pre-mortgage syndrome, as Nick calls it. Or, more accurately, pre-moving syndrome, since we’ve been paying our mortgage for a few months now. It makes us tense, irritable, and bloated.

Okay, bloated maybe not so much. The spray foam insulator arrived late on Thursday, and on Friday, too, which means we’re behind our schedule by a couple of days. This is a crucial blip, because we want to be handing out candy to our neighborhood trick-or-treaters as proud tenants of our HOUSE. Realistically we’ll be still be moving on October 31, not doling out mini candy bars, but our landlord already has renters for our apartment, so we HAVE to be out of here by the end of the month. (Oh, btw, the new tenants are paying us to leave all the lighting we installed here–score!)

We went to IKEA today, to buy sinks and cabinets for our bathrooms.

Our new bathroom sinks.

Our new bathroom sinks.

Had we known the insulator wouldn’t be arriving until the afternoon, we might have stayed here instead to get some work done while Sadie was at school. Like, pulling up the linoleum and sanding our ceiling beams. When you work full-time and have a child, you have to plan your free time very, very carefully. You can only ask favors of your family so many times. (Thankfully, my mom and brother and sister-in-law have been VERY helpful in this regard. My brother, who has 3 kids, all girls, told me after watching Sadie tonight that once you have 3 kids, having one more around doesn’t really change things much. I might have to exploit that for all it’s worth.)

On the way to Boston, we stopped in New Hampshire at Nor’East Architectural Salvage, a very cool place with dozens and dozens of architecturally significant sinks, tubs, doors, windows, newel posts, hinges, door knobs, and anything else you can think of. We bought two cast iron heat registers that we think we will match the character of our house.  I think we spent about $60 on each register, and just now realized that you can buy reproduction ones for like, $12 online. But, Nor’Easter had a horrible fire last year that burned their facility and all their inventory to the ground, so we were glad to be able to support them as they rebuild. Part of our mission in renovating this house has been to be as green and supportive of local business as possible.

But right now we’re not so glad to be supporting our insulator, who stapled plastic wrap onto the trim of our brand new windows. Meaning, there are now staples (and will be staple holes) in the window trim. Not sure what he was thinking.

Anyway, it was a long drive down to Boston and back, a lot of sitting still, and I thought when I got home that I might do some yoga to help me relax and work out the kinks in my neck and hips that came from sitting for so long. But then I decided to have a beer instead. An Allagash Tripel Ale. I highly recommend.

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This morning I was up at 4:30 to put Sadie’s pacifier back in her mouth so she could sleep for another hour and a half. Unfortunately, I didn’t fall back asleep with her. Nick and I were both up by 6:30, and on the road to Stoughton, Mass, a couple of hours later. That might not sound too remarkable, but for us to be up and in the car by 8:30 on a Saturday morning is a pretty big deal.

We made the two-hour trip to check out IKEA’s kitchen cabinets. We’ve heard good things about them, from friends, and even from our contractor, Ben. They come in a zillion configurations; what you do is buy your base frame, then pick from the 30 or so door fronts they have and several types of hardware. Right now we’re leaning towards these two styles, ash and beech:

I think I’m partial to the beech, but of course both of these choices are the top two most expensive cabinet finishes that IKEA offers. Fortunately, we have a small kitchen, and we’ll most likely be getting just a corner cabinet, a sink base, and two others of undetermined size.

We didn’t actually make any major purchases today other than some magnets for the fridge and a pair of all-body bibs for Sadie that will hopefully make the learning-to-eat-on-her-own phase a little less messy. I tried one out tonight when we got home, and I have to say it worked pretty well, even though it does look a little bit like a straitjacket:bibsNow it’s 8:30 at night and I’m ready for bed. Something about going to IKEA always ends up being an all-day, exhausting affair.

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