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Sea Foam Green!

Sea Foam Green!

The spray foam insulation is in! Thanks to Dean Leslie, our foam and floor man, we now have a drum-tight building envelope, impervious to wind and moisture. Also, closed cell spray foam is said to be a great sonic barrier and increases wall racking strength (the house’s ability to stand up to wind loads) up to 300%.

I took A LOT of high-res flash photos and several videos inside the house this evening featuring every wall stud, ceiling cavity and piece of framing for future reference (should we embark on a project that would benefit from having x-ray-wall-vision like, say, installing kitchen shelving).

Tomorrow morning at 7a.m. the drywallers arrive, and by 5p.m. the house will look completely different inside! This series of photos and videos represents the last of the house’s exposed guts! In a way, it almost makes me sad. Almost.

Click the link below for a sample video of the upstairs taken from the future master bedroom:

Foam Video


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