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Hope for HELP

I didn’t blog about it, but on Thursday I met with a loan officer, who told me that Nick and I were not income eligible for the Maine State Housing Authority’s HELP loan. She cited an upper limit on income that sounded quite a bit lower than what I thought I had seen on the MSHA’s website. She even went to the website and clicked a link which brought up the too-low figure. So we thought we weren’t going to get any HELP after all.

Dejected, I went back online to check the program requirements for myself. And it turns out that the website ALSO lists a higher number as the upper income limit. And guess what? Our income squeaks under the limit by literally just dozens of dollars. But we’re under it.

So I called the loan officer back. Turns out the website had three different links to income requirements, only two of which were correct. It just so happens that while I was sitting in her office, the loan officer clicked on the wrong one. So we’re in luck! I’m going back to today with all my paperwork to apply.

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