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So…for some time now I’ve been dreaming of a soothing, bluish-green color for Sadie’s room. Not robin’s egg blue, not baby blue, but a blue tinged with green, the color of Casco Bay on a still day in late summer just before twilight.

Unfortunately, I’m terrible at picking out paint colors. Nick is really good at it, but he wasn’t with me when I picked out a gallon of “Green Flight” by Mythic Paint from the Paint Pot on outer Congress. I love Mythic paint–it’s completely non-toxic, zero VOCs, and has great coverage–but this just was not the right color.
Actually, it doesn’t look all that bad in this photo, but in person, it makes you feel like you’re waiting for a flight at the Miami airport: it’s bright, garish, and unnerving.

Luckily this paint job went pretty quickly, so I’m not dreading having to paint over it. I’ve already taped the top of the walls near the ceiling, and we don’t have trim yet, so the rolling goes pretty quickly. I just hope I don’t have to prime over the Miami Vice paint job in order for the new blue to look okay.

Thanks to some internet sleuthing, I’ve already got a new color picked out: Robin’s Nest by Benjamin Moore. Fingers crossed that a coat or two of this new color will do the job.


THIS is the color I was going for. Photo taken from Ohdeedoh (http://www.ohdeedoh.com/ohdeedoh/nursery-tours/my-room-little-p-massachusetts-076389)

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