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I’ve been dying to try the sample pot of the OSMO polyx oil I bought at F.W. Horch, and tonight I got the chance. (Seems like I get a lot more done when Nick is home!) This is the floor finish we want to use throughout the house–it’s a very low-VOC wax/oil finish that dries to a satin matte sheen. It’s as durable as polyurethane, but actually easier to fix if need be, since you can just rub more of the oil in on worn down places (unlike polyurethane, which requires you to re-sand, etc.).

I should also add that today we scored some ash flooring for Sadie’s room, $150 for the lot. So I took a piece of it, gave it a light sanding, and rubbed in the OSMO oil using a paper towel. We think it looks pretty good. osmo

The best part is that you can barely smell it at all. (It does contain some solvents, otherwise it wouldn’t stay liquid.) We’ll post another pic after we rub in the second coat.


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