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Sadie and I walked all around Portland today, while Nick was at work. On our way home, we happened by an open house on the top of Munjoy Hill. A third floor condo was for sale; we went upstairs to check it out. My mom is looking for a condo, but I was fairly certain she wouldn’t be interested in this one. Her looking was just a pretense for satisfying my own curiosity.

The condo was a small one bedroom carved out of an attic space. It was a decent place, with skylights and good light, but overall it felt like a tight squeeze. But as I talked to the real estate agent, I discovered something remarkable: the condo I was standing in had been renovated by Ben, our very own contractor! In telling him about our renovation plans, I also discovered that he had been interviewed by our home’s previous owner about possibly representing the sale of the house. Small world. Well, small town, really.

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