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In a previous post, I talked about the faux brick asphalt siding that’s hiding out under our vinyl siding. Well, now we get to see more of it. The whole front wall of our house–to the right of the front door–is coming down, and it starts with the vinyl siding.

Why would we tear down the entire front wall of our house? Well, when we took down the drywall in the porch/soon-to-be-dining room, we discovered that the wood underneath the drywall and around the windows was rotten. The only way to fix it was to take down the entire wall and start over–new framing, new windows, new everything.

Had we not ripped out the many old layers of drywall covering the rotting wood, we might never have known about our disintegrating front wall, and might have lived there for several happy years blissfully ignorant of our deteriorating exterior. But once we knew, we had to do something about it. Chuck, the new lead carpenter who ripped down the old wood today and nailed up new framing and temporary plywood, said our rotting wood was about as bad as he’s ever seen.

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