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I’m in a weird place. We’re making a lot of progress on the house, and yet, I’m feeing incredibly stressed today.

Ben told us in this morning’s meeting that the move-in date is likely to be closer to mid-November than November 1. Oh, and not surprisingly, the cost of the renovations has risen again. Oh, and, the vinyl siding they’ve been removing to frame in the new windows is too brittle to put back on the house. So we can either buy new vinyl siding (completely unappealing on every level) and take the time and money to install it (no thanks) OR we can leave the areas around the windows un-sided until we can afford proper siding. They’d just cover up the areas where they removed the vinyl with that tar paper stuff. So then we’d be the hideous house in the neighborhood with the Tyvek paper siding flapping in the breeze. It’d be ugly for us and for our neighbors (Ben O and his wife, and Ben’s sister and her husband) to have to look at every day. But buying toxic, ugly vinyl siding that would only be there for a year or so is not a great option, either. It’s a devil’s bargain.

Honestly, I can’t take it anymore. Why are we even doing this?


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