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Day 14: KitchenAid

Our kitchen needs help. Serious help. Here’s a picture we took when we were under contract (that’s Nick and Bill, our real estate broker, whom we highly recommend to anyone looking to buy in Portland):


Because we have so many other pressing things to take care of before we move in (have you seen the bathroom?), we aren’t planning on doing much to the kitchen besides fixing the ceiling and laying down a new floor. But B, our new contractor, said that by the time we pull down the kitchen ceiling and replace the floor, our cabinets probably won’t even fit correctly anymore, and we might be better off just adding new ones.

Since new kitchen cabinets aren’t in the budget, we’re trying to figure out how to make the most of what we already have. I realized the other night that the kitchens I’m most attracted to in magazines and online all have open shelving. So our plan as of now is to either keep the cabinets and take the doors off, or install shelves. We actually don’t have a ton of dishes, so this is a feasible option. Nick has had open shelving before, and he said as long as you use the things on them pretty regularly (which we do), they don’t really get that dusty.

So yesterday, while my mom watched Sadie, and after hours of chipping away at the hardened linoleum upstairs, I gave up on being the Michelangelo of floors and used our new cordless drill to take the doors and hinges off the upper cabinets.cabinetsoff I plan on painting them white, and then using them for storing dishes. My goal is to have a kitchen that resembles (even if vaguely) some of the kitchens in this Remodelista round-up.

The next phase of the kitchen overhaul would include just buying a few lower cabinets, probably from Ikea: a sink base, a corner unit, and a narrow cabinet for drawers. We’ve already met with a local concrete artisan who gave us samples of his poured concrete countertops, which are really cool. Oh, and we scored a nice cast iron porcelain Kohler sink from a neighbor for only $25. It just needs to be cleaned up and will be as good as new. Except a lot cheaper! sink

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