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Day 82: The New Wall

Our commenter, Sarah from Seattle (not to be confused with Sarah from Portland, OR, our other faithful reader), was right: We must have nerves of steel to be able to stand seeing the entire front wall of house torn down. Either that, or we’re just crazy to be doing this rehab project in the first place.

But honestly, the wall looks good. Solidly built, with level, square framing in place for the new windows. The plywood covering the window openings is a bit disconcerting, though. If the house were in a sketchier neighborhood, I’d be concerned that we were at risk for vandalism, but I think we’re safe, at least for the weekend. Here’s what the wall looks like from the inside:

The porch

The porch

My friend Carol and her son Henry came by to check things out with us, and Sadie wasted no time in showing Henry her room. Even though, of course, she has no idea that it will soon be her room. But I thought it was a good sign that she already seems to feel comfortable in her space–an auspicious beginning, of sorts. Let’s hope.


I must say though, every time I go to look at the house, I’m surprised all over again by how small it is. In our floor plans and in my mind’s eye, it always seems so much bigger. After living in apartments for so long, I don’t know why I suddenly seem to think I need tons of space just because we’ll be living in a house. But I do believe the house might actually be smaller than our current apartment. We’re going to have to do a lot of downsizing, I think, to squeeze our little family in there.

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