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Day 128: A Quick Update.

* Today is sewer day at 2cats. There were orange cones in the street last night with No Parking Police Order signs. Very exciting!

* 2cats is temporarily 1cat as Wiley escaped during the move! He darted from the car in front of the new house and we are worried because he won’t know were to return to when he’s done exploring. We’ve been making trips to the old apartment three blocks away to see if maybe he embarked on an Incredible Journey to find home.

* Priming continues at 2cats. Tony, our verbose new neigbor is back in there today hoping to finish either tonight or tomorrow. No more tape and mud marks on grey walls, it’s all going to be white now until we paint.

* Our giant temporary kitchen sink/counter arrived from Surplus Business Assets in Sanford, ME yesterday and it is a monster! 9 feet long and quite tall to boot, it takes up the entire back (windowed) wall of the kitchen.

* Last night we put together our new double sink for the upstairs bathroom. It is the Godmorgon from IKEA. We’re still trying to get the drawers to close properly and we have to bolt it to the wall, but we’ll get it.

* I’m picking up our upstairs toilet on my lunch break today. A Kohler Cimarron Class 6 (don’t be fooled by Class 5).

* Thanks to the shout out from ReadyMade blog Keeping Up with the Johnsons, readership spiked today to an all-time high of 641 people!

*More soon!

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