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We have toilets! And sinks! And running water!


When we renovated, we decided to move our tiny, unserviceable bathroom from the middle of the house to the northeast corner. We considered simply enlarging the bathroom in order to minimize the amount of plumbing we’d have to redo, but in the end it made the most sense to reconfigure the entire second floor. (We turned the space that was the bathroom into a closet off our master bedroom.) Moving the bathroom required replumbing the entire house, essentially. So during the last 3 months we haven’t had any running water. To save on costs, we decided to do the final stages of plumbing ourselves by installing toilets in the master and half bath and hooking up sinks.


The half bath off the kitchen. The sink isn't entirely plumbed yet (see Kitty Litter bucket under drain).


Master bathroom toilet. Notice the newly sanded floors!


We're so vain--our new Ikea vanity.

This vanity was a bit of a pain to put together, and until we bolted it to the wall and got it level, I was sort of regretting buying it. It looks good now though, and hopefully will be sturdy and last a while.

And finally, the thing that makes my heart sing:
My first ever washer and dryer. Years and years of laundromats and basement, coin-operated washer/dryers are now finally and forever behind me!

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