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Which White is Right?

It may be a bit early to be thinking about this, considering we are currently missing some WALLS, but for some time now we’ve been contemplating the perfect white color for our living and dining rooms. We like the clean, uncluttered look of white, which we think it will offset our brightly colored furniture and artwork nicely.

We’ve done some rather extensive Internet searches, and over and over again Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White comes up in any top ten list of favorite white paints. It is supposedly a true white that lacks pigment and doesn’t lean too cold or too warm.

Of course, we’re going to buy ourselves some little paint pots and brush a square of color up on the walls (when we get some), but when we can’t get out to the paint store we have to scheme and dream virtually. The two images below are from PotteryBarn.com; one shows a room painted in the famed Decorator’s White, the other, a creamier shade called Atrium white, which is another color mentioned by those in the know.

Looking at these two rooms side-by-side, we’re thinking that indeed the Decorator’s White might be the shade that gives us the effect we’re going for: a white that will bounce light around the room and keep things as bright and cheery as possible when Maine’s long, dark winter descends upon us, as it most certainly will do.

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